Professional Auto Detailing

Servicing Spicewood, Lakeway, Bee Cave, Austin, and surrounding area!

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Detailing Services

Pricing for services are recommended after given the opportunity to extensively look over and examine the entire vehicle for defects and imperfections.

If you are interested in an evaluation of your vehicle, please contact us to schedule. We would be happy to arrange a time to meet with you and thoroughly examine the vehicle. After further examination we can recommend the best application and service for your vehicle. 

New Car and Maintenance Services

Executive Detail - Hand Wash and Wax
Starting at $150+

  • Recommended for new or maintained vehicles with little to no defects.
  • Required before Meticulous Detail, Paint Correction, and other Paint Protection Services.
  • Monthly Maintenance Service

Meticulous Details is by appointment only so please call to schedule.  


  • Full Interior wipe down and vacuum.
  • Hand Wash using a two bucket system with grit guards and a microfiber mitt using a PH balanced soap.
  • Wheels, wheel wells, and tires are thoroughly cleaned and dressed. 
  • Modesta M1 Shot Maintenance Spray  is applied for additional protection.
  • Windows are left spotless inside and out. 

Interior Detailing

Full Auto Detailing

Meticulous Detail - Full Detail
Starting at $600+

  • Recommended for vehicles with minor paint defects and light scratches.
  • Executive Detail Included
  • Paint Correction may be required for major paint defects

Meticulous Details is by appointment only so please call to schedule.  


  • Engine cleaned and Aerospace 303 is applied. 
  • Bug and Tar Removal. (Depending on severity of bug & tar, this price will vary).
  • Paint decontamination through iron remover & clay bar process.
  • Two Stage Polishing Service: (Paint Correction is a separate process if needed.) using Rupes Mille & Mille fine combo. Stage ONE: Removes clear coat scratches and oxidation. Stage TWO: Gloss enhancer/static charge reducer.
  • Paint Sealant Applied.

For Heavy Scratches and Major Paint Defects Refer to our Paint Correction Services

Engine Cleaning


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