MOre services offered by meticulous details

Headlight Restoration

This process is not just for cosmetic purposes, although it does make the vehicle’s lights brighter. Proper headlight restoration will restore visibility back to 100% factory specifications. This process includes 4 stages of sanding and 3 stages of buffing/polishing, followed by a UV inhibitor.

Upholstery/Leather Repair

Refurbishing damaged seats, trim, steering wheels, etc. in your vehicle not only enhances the appearance of your vehicle but also helps the overall value of the vehicle.  Cracks and fading in door panels and consoles are likely to happen. Restore to factory condition at a fraction of the cost as replacing damaged components.

Minor Paint Repairs

Meticulous Details offers paint repair and touch ups. Rock chips, bumper scuffs, scratch repair,  and custom paint is handled by a highly skilled, certified, professional painter. 


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